MedOx was created in 1984, as a direct result of WISCO’s affiliation with BOC Gases and Ohio Medical Products. BOC Gases made a decision to spin off the medical gas portion of Ohio Medical Products to local distributors on a nationwide basis.

Welding-Industrial Supply Company (WISCO) was a highly regarded Chicago area distributor for BOC, and was thus awarded the responsibility of serving many hospitals in the highly competitive Chicago market. MedOx, Ltd. (now MedOx, Inc.) was created to show a distinctly medical flavor to the Chicago market.

This move by BOC Gases has paid dividends for both parties involved: MedOx was able to grow the business in a new variety of ways, and to diversify the customer base. Instead of just supplying pure medical gases to hospitals, MedOx began to supply RSG’s (Rare and Specialty Gases) and FDA RSG’s (Medical Specialty Gases) to the hospital base.

Hospitals embraced the “single source” concept of one supplier for their institution, and realized the immense service capabilities of a small, family-owned business that understood that the meaning of the word “medical” meant “round-the-clock” service.

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