Lab Chemicals

From rare and specialty gases and equipment to laboratory chemicals, MedOx strives to be a one stop shop for all your laboratory needs. MedOx has partnered with leading national chemical manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest quality laboratory chemicals produced in state of the art facilities.

Common Lab Chemicals

Salts / Bases
Aluminum Chloride Aluminum Nitrate Aluminum Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Ammonium Acetate Ammonium Bicarbonate Ammonium Bifluoride Ammonium Carbonate Ammonium Chloride Ammonium Fluoride Ammonium Hydroxide Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium Persulfate Ammonium Phosphate Ammonium Sulfate Barium Chloride Barium Hydroxide Calcium Carbonate Calcium Chloride Calcium Hydroxide Calcium Nitrate Calcium Phosphate Ferric Chloride Lead Nitrate
Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium Chloride Magnesium Hydroxide Magnesium Oxide Magnesium Sulfate Magnesium Phosphate Nickel Carbonate Potassium Acetate Potassium Bicarbonate Potassium Chloride Potassium Iodide Potassium Hydroxide
Potassium Nitrate Potassium Permanganate Potassium Phosphate Potassium Sulfate Silver Nitrate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Hydroxide Sodium Nitrate Sodium Phosphate Sodium Sulfate Zinc Chloride Zinc Sulfate